Tips for a Household Palm With Brown Leaves?

Answer Potted palm trees provide a tropical touch to indoor areas. Most palms require minimal care as houseplants as long as they are provided with water, light and fertilizer. Although some leaf death is... Read More »

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Indoor Palm Tree Tips for Leaves That Are Turning Brown?

Indoor palms add a tropical touch to your home. While these plants only grow outdoors in mild areas, even those in colder climates can enjoy a palm tree if they are grown in pots indoors. Indoor pl... Read More »

Tips for Dead Leaves on Potted Plants & Brown Spots on Leaves?

Brown-spotted or dead leaves on potted plants can be a sign of several different problems. Environmental damage, a lack of nutrients or even infection can be the causes of such problems whether the... Read More »

My indoor palm tree's leaves are turning brown. What can i do to help, and how often should i water it?

palm trees do not need a lot of water they like to be misted often to keep the humidity at a high level you did not specify what type of palm you have but if your plant is leaning to the side you n... Read More »

Brown, Dry Tips on Philodendron Leaves?

Philodendrons are among the easiest houseplants to grow as they tolerate low light and indoor conditions. There are many varieties of philodendrons, with some species growing as vines with small le... Read More »