Tips for Sunbeds?

Answer Sunless tanning is considered by some a safer way to tan. Reports by the American Cancer Society indicate that about 30 million Americans use tanning beds each year. Sunbeds are not advised by many... Read More »

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How to Use Sunbeds?

The tanning bed---also called the sunbed---is often used to deepen a tan or maintain a current tan. Governmental bodies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organiz... Read More »

How Safe Are Sunbeds?

Some people consider tanning in a sunbed a time-saver and a great way to give your skin a healthy glow. Many heath care professionals, however, have issued dire warnings recently about the dangers ... Read More »

Do sunbeds help acne?

On One Hand: A Temporary Fix at BestA sunbed that is used for indoor tanning has no real effect in the treatment of acne. In some cases, acne might appear to improve because using a sunbed can dry ... Read More »

What are the dangers of sunbeds?

Sunbeds are a popular way of achieving a tan quickly and without the hassle, time or embarrassment of laying out in the sun. However, these devices regulated as products that emit radiation and hav... Read More »