Tips for Setting Up Credit Card Payments?

Answer If your credit card carries a balance, you must pay by your due date a percentage of that balance, which is also known as your minimum payment. Major credit card brands such as Visa, MasterCard and... Read More »

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How many years do faulty credit card payments stay on credit reports?

Late credit card payments remain on your credit report for seven years, according to the Fair Isaac Corporation. However, the further in the past the late payment occurred, the lower impact on your... Read More »

Do I have to be delinquent on my credit card payments before I can do credit counseling?

According to CredAbility (formerly Consumer Credit Counseling Service), there is credit counseling available to those who seek pre-delinquency financial and budgeting advice. There is counseling, t... Read More »

What happens if you don't pay your credit card payments?

On One Hand: Credit Cards Are Unsecured Debt.Credit card debt is unsecured, which means that the amount owed is not backed by collateral such as a car or a house. Not paying on a car loan can lead ... Read More »

How to Cut Credit Card Payments?

Credit card payments are capable of quickly spinning out of control, costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month, most of which just goes to pay off the interest. Because of this, it ... Read More »