Tips for Plucking Eyelashes?

Answer Your eyelashes are the eyes' protection against dust and debris. Eyelashes are usually helpful in doing their job to prevent infections, but sometimes an eyelash or two can grow towards your eye in... Read More »

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How to Stop Over-Plucking Your Eyelashes?

Eyelashes protect your eyes from dust and other particles in the air. You may want to pluck an unruly lash or two for cosmetic purposes, but over-plucking them could have an adverse effect on the h... Read More »

Do Eyelashes Grow Back After Plucking?

The area where eyelash hair follicles grow is very delicate. If you pluck your eyelashes, you could be damaging the follicle. Too many plucks could result in permanent damage and prevent future gro... Read More »

Model Tips for Longer Eyelashes Without Fake Eyelashes?

All women want long, thick, lush eyelashes. While some are born with them, others just dream of having a model's eyes. Now you can get long eyelashes without resorting to fakes. With a few tips and... Read More »

Tips on Long Eyelashes?

Some people just have longer, fuller eyelashes than others. Makeup, oils and even some drugs can help you obtain and keep eyelashes longer before they shed. However, you should use specific procedu... Read More »