Tips for Men on Shaving Legs?

Answer There are some instances in life where men decide they would like to shave their legs. Some of those instances are sports-related. Swimmers, cyclists, triathletes and bodybuilders all shave their l... Read More »

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How to Moisturize While Shaving Your Legs Without Shaving Cream?

So everyone is cutting back on things these days. Financially, families are having tough times making ends meet. Another way to cut back is to eliminate buying shaving cream to shave your legs. Her... Read More »

I tries shaving my legs without shaving cream ( normal razor not electric) and my leg burns REALLY bad.?

Been there, done that. It's called razor burn, dear. Now that you've done it this one, you won't make that mistake again! Try a lotion on them now, preferable one without perfumes or scents. It... Read More »

Shaving legs question?

i have the same problem. what i do, is i soak them in hot water for about twenty minutes. i use "skintimate" shaving cream, it comes in a pink container. i spread a thin layer over my legs and i us... Read More »

Alternatives to Shaving Legs?

Shaving your legs can be a redundant, time-consuming task. If you're looking to eliminate or alleviate the hassle a bit, alternatives do exist. Instead of shaving, there are painless methods or qui... Read More »