Tips for Men on Looking Good?

Answer In the past, society dictated that women, not men, should be concerned about their appearance. Today, many men have realized the importance of looking good and caring for their appearance. A few ti... Read More »

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Good tips on how to keep skin looking radiant?

This is the best, proven way to get a permanently clear, smooth, flawless, glowing skin using natural oils which are only skin. Use a light olive or coconut oil - both are natural moi... Read More »

What are some tips for good looking, healthy skin?

1. drink water it flushes your system and clears your skin2. eat lots of pretein rich food like chicken3. eat green leafy evegables like spinach and brocolli4. eat vegatbles and fruit5. leave oiliv... Read More »

What are your tips for feeling great on the inside and looking good on the outside?

Nothing beats, the "smile". Smiling helps keep yyou feeling good, but makes you look better on the outside too. A warning though, it is contagious. Smiling will eventually pass onto others making o... Read More »

If your parents are good looking, does it mean you will become good looking as well?

it does set you up with good genes to be good looking but you can be the most amazing looking person in the world but if you don't feel like it then people wont see it. try to get more self-confide... Read More »