Tips for House Keeping I'm a little new at this?

Answer I clean a house part-time for extra money... One of the BEST things I use and have many of are MICROFIBER CLEANING cloths.. You can find them most anywhere. For under $20 I got a 25 pack... They a... Read More »

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Do you have any tips for keeping the house clean and tidy?

a place for every thing and every thing in it place. if you get it out put it back. if you drop it pick it up. wipe your feet before you enter. hang your coat up. Can't tell you how many times i he... Read More »

What are some Tips for keeping your eye healthy?

Strain and tension squeezes our eyes out of shape and give us blurry vision. In order to see clearly through artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) we have to maintain that effort on ou... Read More »

What is your favorite little house keeping tip that you like to use?

Tips on keeping makeup on longer 10 pts eh ?

primer will help smooth out your skin and allow whatever makeup you're using to adhere better resulting in long lasting makeup.- primer for face (i.e, foundation or powders): MAC prep + prime- pri... Read More »