Tips for English Essay Topics?

Answer Essay writing skills come with practice and develop over time. English essay topics need a sharp focus and enough facts to balance an argument or support an opinion. Knowing how to select topics fo... Read More »

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English Essay Topics?

The word "essay" derives from the Latin word "exigere," which means "to examine, test, or to drive out." (See Reference 1.) This is essentially the purpose of the modern essay as we know it today: ... Read More »

Persuasive Essay Topics for English?

A good topic can make the difference between a well-written persuasive essay and a paper that sounds like something off a tabloid cover. Most persuasive essays are your take on a controversial topi... Read More »

College English Essay Topics?

Selecting an essay topic for a college English paper is a personal thing. While one student might shiver with excitement at the thought of writing a comparison paper on the chronology of different ... Read More »

English Essay Writing Topics?

An English essay is more than a summary of a topic or piece of literature. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, an essay is "an analytic, interpretative, or critical literary composition usually m... Read More »