Tips for Colored Acrylic Nails?

Answer Acrylic nails hold color better than natural nails, so they're a great pick if you love experimenting with polishes and designs. In this process, acrylic is placed over the nail bed every couple of... Read More »

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Acrylic Colored Nail Tips?

Short, brittle nails usually have a small chance of growing long and strong. Acrylic nail tips are the solution, especially when they come in the latest colors. Acrylic colored nail tips can be app... Read More »

Glitter Powder Colored Tips for an Acrylic Manicure?

Acrylic finger nail tips are fake nails that are glued onto the finger nails to give length to nails that do not extend beyond the fingertips. Glitter is a commonly used element in acrylic finger n... Read More »

How to Get Acrylic Nails and Artificial Tips?

Acrylic nails and artificial tips are applied over your natural nails. They give your hands a finished look without requiring you to go through the frustration of growing your natural nails. Decidi... Read More »

Nail Tips for Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are effective alternatives for women who don't want to worry about problems such as weak, chipped or peeling nails. Acrylics are hardened tips that can keep your natural nails safe fr... Read More »