Tips for Clowns Putting on Their Makeup?

Answer Clown makeup kits can be purchased that include creams in different colors as well as brushes and a basic template for doing a design on the face. But for a more professional or unique look, you ca... Read More »

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How to Do Makeup for Clowns?

Clowns wear brightly colored clothes and face paint to amuse and entertain their audiences. Clown costumes are commonplace at Halloween, worn by kids and adults alike. The options for applying face... Read More »

How to Do Your Makeup Like Smile Now, Cry Later Clowns?

Smile now, cry later clown face images are a version of the tragedy and comedy theater masks often replicated in art and assorted tattoos. There are many versions of this image, including evil-look... Read More »

I am horrible at putting

Go to the website, ! It helps me with my makeup when I want something quick and simple! They have a step to step how to! I hope it helps you like it did with me!

Why do chicks always try putting makeup on guys?

its just for fun, and it proves that you're cool and easy going and can go with the flow. rather than some wannabe macho man whose up-tight about everything. do you know how many things girls do fo... Read More »