Tips for Arborvitae Yellowing?

Answer Given the right care, arborvitaes are fairly problem-free, but occasional disease and insect infestations, as well as improper watering techniques, can cause yellow or brown branches. Choose arborv... Read More »

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How to Dig Up an Arborvitae?

Arborvitae is a pyramid shaped tree that reach approximately 40 to 50 feet in height at full maturity. A young arborvitae that is manageable in size, such as one with a trunk diameter of 2 inches o... Read More »

Arborvitae pH Levels?

Among the most common landscaping shrubs in North America, arborvitae is known for its upright posture and symmetrical conical form. Most of the arborvitae shrubs grown in parks, backyards and othe... Read More »

Arborvitae Growth?

Arborvitae trees are extremely hardy evergreens that grow up to 50 feet tall in the wild, although cultivated trees seldom grow more than 30 feet tall. They tolerate many types of air pollution ... Read More »

Arborvitae Transplanting?

Arborvitae trees are a popular feature for many landscaping projects. This soft needled evergreen can serve as a shrub, hedge or singular tree in the yard. It is best to transplant an arborvitae wh... Read More »