Tips for Arborvitae Yellowing?

Answer Given the right care, arborvitaes are fairly problem-free, but occasional disease and insect infestations, as well as improper watering techniques, can cause yellow or brown branches. Choose arborv... Read More »

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How to Dig Up an Arborvitae?

Arborvitae is a pyramid shaped tree that reach approximately 40 to 50 feet in height at full maturity. A young arborvitae that is manageable in size, such as one with a trunk diameter of 2 inches o... Read More »

How do I keep deer away from arborvitae?

Build a FenceBuild a deer fence around your arborvitae during the winter months when hungry deer are most likely to feed on your landscaping. Use a durable material such as metal or polyurethane. I... Read More »

How to Keep Arborvitae Growing?

Arborvitaes are most commonly planted in the home landscape as a living fence. The most economical way to start an arborvitae fence is to plant sapling or juvenile trees and wait for them to fill i... Read More »

Arborvitae Transplanting?

Arborvitae trees are a popular feature for many landscaping projects. This soft needled evergreen can serve as a shrub, hedge or singular tree in the yard. It is best to transplant an arborvitae wh... Read More »