Tips for Antivirus Protection in Google?

Answer Google Chrome is a Web browser made by search-engine giant Google. Google Chrome is easy to use, fast and very secure. It has built-in phishing and malware protection and has automatic checks to ma... Read More »

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Can someone please tell me the simplest free antivirus protection to download AVG brought all Google with it!?

Avast is free, and i've never had any problems with brother works in ITand this is the one he recommended.

Google has detected unregistered Antivirus 2009 copy on your computer. Google recommends?

Delete it. It is a rogue antispyware:Antivirus2009 or Antivirus 2009, is the latest rogue antispyware program. Antivirus2009 is a clone of the famous rogue antispyware Antivirus 2008 (Antivirus2008... Read More »

What is the top antivirus protection?

On One Hand: Protection is NeededOn the one hand, anyone who surfs the Internet needs protection against viruses, malware, spyware and any number of nasty little surprises that are lurking. When it... Read More »

What is antivirus protection?

Antivirus protection pertains to the presence of software that is equipped in detecting, removing and preventing computer viruses (software threats) from inflicting program damage to personal compu... Read More »