Tips and advice to help with weight and other issues?

Answer She's having issue with her monthly cycle because she is obese. The acne is entirely due to her poor diet. Its totally standard for somebody that obese to completely lose their period. IF she isn't... Read More »

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Advice for people with weight issues?

Thank you! I really enjoyed reading this and love that you took the time to write it. You've really made me feel better about myself and that deffinately deserves a star! X

Issues with my weight?

It can be hurtful when people tease. I would say if you feel bad (queasy, weak, off) then see a doctor. If not, enjoy your willowiness. Make sure that you eat healthy and exercise moderately so... Read More »

Am I overdoing my make up +I've got dark lips & a few other issues...Help ladies?

Your lips look perfect in both photos. I'm actually confused. Is the photo on the left your natural lip color or the one on the right? I suppose the one on the left?? I like the one on the left mor... Read More »

Help! Do you know how to clean a computer keyboard - mine is so dirty - where do I start Any tips or advice?

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