Tips and advice to help with weight and other issues?

Answer She's having issue with her monthly cycle because she is obese. The acne is entirely due to her poor diet. Its totally standard for somebody that obese to completely lose their period. IF she isn't... Read More »

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Advice for people with weight issues?

Thank you! I really enjoyed reading this and love that you took the time to write it. You've really made me feel better about myself and that deffinately deserves a star! X

If a mental illness was caused by weight issues will insurance pay to fix the weight issue if diet and exercise failed?

Answer Good question - Check you might check the Mental Illness Parity Act

My stomach issues are pretty much ruining my life :( Any advice is helpful.?

That is anxiety. In a way it is a conditioned response that you may have learned because you had this stomach problem. But now it is a response to anxiety alone. You may need some therapy, medicati... Read More »

Issues with my weight?

It can be hurtful when people tease. I would say if you feel bad (queasy, weak, off) then see a doctor. If not, enjoy your willowiness. Make sure that you eat healthy and exercise moderately so... Read More »