Tips and Tricks to Cool a Transmission?

Answer An overheated transmission can wreak havoc on your car. Overheating a car's transmission not only temporarily impacts the car's ability to run but can lead to serious damage to the transmission, wh... Read More »

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Are Their Any Cool Tips/Tricks For The iPod Shuffle?

Yeah, yeah, size envy. How about this? A 1G shuffle will hold a full-length DVD encoded in the H.264 format (the new one that Apple uses for the video iPod encoding). See the videothing link below.... Read More »

Cool Powerpoint Tricks?

"Death by PowerPoint" is a common phrase heard since PowerPoint has become so popular and is used constantly in business presentations. However, it is a useful tool to help explain and visualize in... Read More »

Some cool tricks . . :)?

In the 1st case,there also works [Alt] + [255]& Its does not matter if "Num Lock" is on or off._______________________________________…In the 4th case,If anybody has a user-name, like "amitrwt" (... Read More »

Cool Camera Tricks?

A great photograph should resemble a work of art. Many professional photographers have taken advanced classes on photography techniques and invested in expensive cameras and equipment. However, man... Read More »