Tips and Tricks to Cool a Transmission?

Answer An overheated transmission can wreak havoc on your car. Overheating a car's transmission not only temporarily impacts the car's ability to run but can lead to serious damage to the transmission, wh... Read More »

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Are Their Any Cool Tips/Tricks For The iPod Shuffle?

Yeah, yeah, size envy. How about this? A 1G shuffle will hold a full-length DVD encoded in the H.264 format (the new one that Apple uses for the video iPod encoding). See the videothing link below.... Read More »

Some cool tricks . . :)?

In the 1st case,there also works [Alt] + [255]& Its does not matter if "Num Lock" is on or off._______________________________________…In the 4th case,If anybody has a user-name, like "amitrwt" (... Read More »

Cool Powerpoint Tricks?

"Death by PowerPoint" is a common phrase heard since PowerPoint has become so popular and is used constantly in business presentations. However, it is a useful tool to help explain and visualize in... Read More »

How to Do Cool Tricks With a Slinky?

Do you have a slinky and all you can do is flip flop it between hands? Do some cool tricks with these steps! P. S. No plastic slinkies with these tricks, only the metal original ones.