Tips & Advice for a PhD?

Answer The letters "Ph.D." or "Dr." can work wonders for your future prospects, but getting there is not easy. Far from the romantic notion of finding a magic solution to the world's woes, Ph.D. work invo... Read More »

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Braces! Any tips/advice?

Oooh, I feel your pain! :(My biggest piece of advice: Do EVERYTHING they tell you. It WILL probably be a pain in the butt, but if you do /everything/ they tell you, your braces will be off quicker.... Read More »

Men's Fashion Advice & Tips?

Men often make clothing purchases based merely on the size or the price of a garment, and the result can be unhappy. However, the man who follows a few simple pieces of fashion advice can enhance h... Read More »

Beauty & Makeup Tips & Advice?

People have as many different needs and tastes when it comes to beauty routines as they do various character traits. Developing a beauty routine that works for you takes a little time and experimen... Read More »

Tips & Beauty Advice on Masks?

Facial masks can brighten and tighten the skin. They can be purchased or made naturally from common ingredients. Face masks have a variety of different uses. There are masks that help dull skin, ag... Read More »