Tiny bugs crawling on my phone screen ?

Answer Are the on the surface or underneath it?If they are on the outside they are like any other insect,attracted by that particular light frequency.If they are under the screen there is nothing you can ... Read More »

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Tiny bugs crawling inside my computer screen - how do I fix it!?

I have heard of that before, but forget what the names of the bugs are called. Whatever you do, don't try to squish them, otherwise they'll be permanently stuck on your screen. Unfortunately, I've ... Read More »

Bugs crawling on my computer screen?

This is a very new infection, it has just become prevalent in the last couple of weeks. My research has found that at the moment their is not a 100% effective cure for this "virus". About the best... Read More »

Why Do I Have Bugs Crawling Out of My Sink Drain?

The most common insect to see crawling out of a sink drain is a small type of fly called a gnat. Different types of insect can come from the drain, and you can trace them to a set of similar source... Read More »

I have a fear of bugs crawling up my vagina?

Do you know that there is actually a kind of bug that lives deep in the Amazon that has this problem. Did you know that the thing causing this problem is the male of the species, that lives in the ... Read More »