Tiny bugs crawling inside my computer screen - how do I fix it!?

Answer I have heard of that before, but forget what the names of the bugs are called. Whatever you do, don't try to squish them, otherwise they'll be permanently stuck on your screen. Unfortunately, I've ... Read More »

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Tiny bugs crawling on my phone screen ?

Are the on the surface or underneath it?If they are on the outside they are like any other insect,attracted by that particular light frequency.If they are under the screen there is nothing you can ... Read More »

Bugs crawling on my computer screen?

This is a very new infection, it has just become prevalent in the last couple of weeks. My research has found that at the moment their is not a 100% effective cure for this "virus". About the best... Read More »

♥ Is it normal to find tiny bugs inside the soil for indoor plants?

It sounds like spider mites. Look on the undersides of the leaves of that angel plant. You should be able to see them there. Better yet, get a piece of white paper. Set it next to the plant. P... Read More »

My computer screen on the internet zoomed out and the words are so tiny HELP!!!?

Go to the VIEW menu (press alt-v) and then select the TEXT SIZE menu. Then increase the text size.This is the same for both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.