Tiny Moths Are in the House?

Answer Tiny moths in the house can be one of several species. Moths can be carried into the home in grocery bags or other items, or they may fly in open doors and windows. Once they have infested the home... Read More »

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How do i get rid of tiny little moths?

TThe name of these is "Cupboard Moth" and they are eating anything tyhat is flour, macaroni, or other stuff in boxes. I once got oatmeal from a family taht was moving and it was INFESTED. It was a ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Moths in the House & Clothes?

Moths can cause a great deal of damage to food and clothes if they find their way into your cupboards or closets. The larvae will eat through your clothes, especially wool clothes, as well as eat f... Read More »

Do garlic bulbs in a house attract moths?

Garlic bulbs will control and detract moths and other insects both indoors and out, not attract them. Garlic plants and bulbs are extremely effective in keeping unwanted pests from plants and prote... Read More »

Life Span of Brown House Moths?

The brown house moth, hofmannophila psuedospretella, is one of the most common moths found in homes worldwide throughout the year. These moths are widely considered as pests, due to their destructi... Read More »