Tingly teeth after kissing?

Answer Has he ever kissed anyone before? Maybe because it is a new, exciting sensation he isn't use to feeling so it leaves this odd 'after tingle.' Sounds cute though.

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Extremities go tingly like they're going numb?

Its Raynaurds syndrome. The symptoms usually occur in extremely cold environments (somewhere where it snows) or when there is a sudden drop in room temprature (like when its hot outside and you go... Read More »

Passed out and tingly spine?

You have most likely stretched the tendons in your neck, Try putting an ice pack on your neck as it may relieve the pain. Take a couple of paracetamol and if you are feeling no better in 48 hours t... Read More »

What is the name of the tingly feeling you get when you are relaxed?

There is no name.But it's usually triggered by one of the five senses.Mine is usually sound.

How to Get Rid of a Tingly Feeling in the Feet?

People can get a tingling feeling in their feet for a number of reasons, including sitting in one spot for too long or muscle tightness following a heavy workout. While some causes are more serious... Read More »