Tingly teeth after kissing?

Answer Has he ever kissed anyone before? Maybe because it is a new, exciting sensation he isn't use to feeling so it leaves this odd 'after tingle.' Sounds cute though.

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If you have a sharp tingly prickly pain in your breasts after the day you had your IUI are you pregnant?

Answer Tingling breasts are caused by a lack of progesterone or estrogen, or too much estrogen or progesterone. Depending on the percentages of each in your system. Painful breasts does not indic... Read More »

The teeth next to my extraction site hurt after having my teeth extracted?

It's most likely gum bruising from the pressure the dentist needs to use to remove a tooth. It's quite normal and the pain will subside before too long..

Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after wisdom teeth extraction?

How to Move on After Kissing a Stranger You Can't Stop Thinking About?

So you kissed a stranger... here comes guilt. Now all you want to do is forget about the incident. Some steps can be taken to ensure that you manage to move on.