Tingling, pins and needles on my face?

Answer What you are experiencing is known as paresthesia. You should really being seeing a doctor about this, perhaps a Neurologist. Paresthesias can be caused by a number of different conditions so it i... Read More »

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Pins and needles in face when I look down?

It could be stress. Also do back muscles hurt too? I use to have that problem to and lots of headaches and dizziness until I started to take Effector for depression and anxiety disorder, you have t... Read More »

Pins and Needles .?

You could just have poor circulation round those parts, although my mother also takes simvastatin and she takes quite a lot of pin and needles, so it could be connected...Try not to let your finger... Read More »

Pins & Needles Sensation in Legs?

Many people experience a sensation in their legs called "pins and needles." Those who hear the term and are familiar with the sensation may realize that the condition has something to do with nerve... Read More »

Who wrote the song"Needles& Pins"?

The song "Needles & Pins" was written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono. It was originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon in 1963 and then a year later was re-recorded by the Searchers.References:Spect... Read More »