Tin Ceiling Problems?

Answer Tin ceilings add a nostalgic touch to any room, and can serve as an eye-catching accent for any style of decor. Although tin ceiling tiles are very durable, with many still intact after more than 1... Read More »

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Mold Problems on the Ceiling and Walls?

Indoor mold rarely presents a safety hazard to a home's inhabitants, with the important exception of Stachybotrys chartarum, known colloquially as "toxic mold" or "black mold." The typical homeowne... Read More »

Ceiling Moisture Problems Using Loose Insulation?

Loose fill insulation is commonly blown into attics and crawl spaces to help keep the home's heat from escaping. In a perfect setting, it works quite well. However, if the insulation is installed i... Read More »

What is the optimum distance between a ceiling fan blade and the ceiling for maximum air flow in the room?

Answer I've a 4 ft diameter ceiling fan with 3 blades of std width (about 3") hanging at a distance of 9" from the ceiling. Floor to ceiling distance is 8'5". Problem is that when I stand at a dist... Read More »

How do i cover pink insulation when the basement ceiling is too low to install a drop ceiling?

It's a good idea to cover overhead insulation in a basement area, since pink insulation is actually fiberglass. This fiberglass can fall onto a workbench or into a laundry basket over time. Keeping... Read More »