Time of the month, struggling with my weight HELP!?

Answer God I could have written this myself! Just the same for me. The only thing I can suggest is bananas. Everytime I crave chocolate I am trying to eat a banana instead as it is sweet and gives an e... Read More »

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PLEASE help me get to my goal weight on time!!!!!!?

You want to lose 20 pounds in roughly 5 weeks. This equates to 4 pounds of weight loss per week. This isn't a healthy amount of weight loss for someone of your age and size.That being said, it's a ... Read More »

Primal wound, I'm struggling to understand...Help?

Briefly read it and haven't read that book but what I think they're getting at is that attachment is "developed" as in over time and the maternal bond is automatic as in "instinctual and internally... Read More »

If your period started one month ago and you had sex with a condom 2 and a half weeks ago and now you're feeling flu-like symptoms with weight gain are these pregnancy symptoms?

AnswerPossibly ... a positive pregnancy test would be a dead giveaway. Answer2 1/2 weeks ago would most likely be during your fertile time, so it's possible. if your next period is late I recommed... Read More »

Struggling to clot after cutting self accidentally Help?

You might want to have your hemoglobin levels checked to see whether you could be anemic.