Time machine!?

Answer At least you still have the Internet time-link function. This is a good sign. That means that on the sub-flux faloogibator circuit, the backup B-cell bootstrap program can be enabled by flipping ... Read More »

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What is the name of a sci-fi show about a girl travelling in time in a sphere-like time machine?

If you had a time machine where in time would you go back to?

Yesterday is fine. I'd have the winning lotto numbers in hand.

Can we make time machine?

There's already a movie or two about time machines. There's nothing imposssible when we make one specially in the near future

How Can I make my own Time machine?

Look at it this way: I don't think anyone can really create a machine that can make them go back in time, BUT, hey could make a vehicle that could.Here's a simple way to explain; what makes you see... Read More »