Time Sampling - Child Observation?

Answer Time sampling can be in 2 diffrent categories-1- you can split the diffrent types of play into categories and choose 1 type of play and write the time the child goes to this activity and write what... Read More »

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Can DNA sampling change if the child has been breast feed by the alleged mother?

Each person's DNA is unique and does not change. The DNA code that a person has was set at the moment of conception and remains the same throughout life no matter what they eat. And while breast mi... Read More »

Preschool Child Observation Checklist?

Observation is a critical skill for preschool professionals to practice and hone to an expertise. Observation is an effective strategy to determine what skills children have mastered, are in the pr... Read More »

Observation Methods, when and why you might use them when observing a child?

You generally perform an observation if you think the child is struggling or over-achieving, if you want to find out more so you can set specific tasks for a certain child, if you have been asked t... Read More »

What are the disadvantages of the "types of play" observation method in child care?

* If they realise they are being observed, they may act differently so they are not giving you the full picture*You need to be able to see what they are doing so you can read their body language wh... Read More »