Tile Shower Basin DIY?

Answer Tiling the basin of a shower is similar to tiling a floor, in that you lay out the tiles from the middle of the area the build out toward the edges in a grid pattern. The difference is the drain, w... Read More »

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How To Repair a Shower Basin?

The shower basin, also called the pan or base, is the floor of a standing shower where you stand and the water flows down to the drain. While this part of the shower is made to be strong, it can st... Read More »

How do I clean a shower stall basin?

MixMix 1 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda in 1 gallon of hot water. Mix until the solution is combined. Turn on shower to the hottest temperature for five minutes to loosen dirt... Read More »

What Coating Can Be Used on a Cement Shower Basin?

Most shower basins have a layer of tile as a surface that repels water and does not need a sealer. However, if your cement shower basin has no tile, a sealer will act as a barrier to repel water. S... Read More »

While putting grout on the shower wall all of the tile fell off. Do I have erect tile dysfunction?

Indeed...The tile may have erect tile disfunction...but for a quick fix I heard that the shower gives good head.note to self - don't give answers that go down the drain