Ticking in the Alternator?

Answer An alternator is responsible for supplying an automobile with electrical power and charging the battery. A ticking sound is often an indication that the alternator is about to fail.

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How to Stop Ticking Lifters?

Ticking valve lifters can happen for various reasons. If there is a lot of sludge in the oil system, it can take longer for the oil to be pumped up to the valve lifters. Metal-on-metal contact from... Read More »

Ticking noise after turning off PC?

If you bought the PC from a retailer, ask for service. I guess the resolution depends on how loud the ticking noise is. A slight noise that lasts for a few seconds after the PC is powered down woul... Read More »

Ticking Noises on a Chevy Truck?

Ticking noises on a Chevrolet truck can be caused by a variety of problems. However, the primary cause is likely an issue with the donut gasket, which seals the exhaust pipe and manifold together. ... Read More »

How do you stop ionica dishes ticking?

Is this a joke question , how can dishes tick...............