Ticking in the Alternator?

Answer An alternator is responsible for supplying an automobile with electrical power and charging the battery. A ticking sound is often an indication that the alternator is about to fail.

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Ticking noise after turning off PC?

If you bought the PC from a retailer, ask for service. I guess the resolution depends on how loud the ticking noise is. A slight noise that lasts for a few seconds after the PC is powered down woul... Read More »

How to Stop Ticking Lifters?

Ticking valve lifters can happen for various reasons. If there is a lot of sludge in the oil system, it can take longer for the oil to be pumped up to the valve lifters. Metal-on-metal contact from... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Fuel Pump Ticking?

An electric fuel pump is standard equipment on most new vehicles today. They are manufactured for aftermarket applications as well. This is good because on many older vehicles you can no longer fin... Read More »

How do you get rid of the ticking sound on garageband recordings?

The ticking is there to avoid plagarism; get the serial number from the bottom of you Macbook and put it in the "add details" to your question and I can help you in about 5 minutes.