Tick bite?

Answer Most tick bites are nothing to worry about. The majority of ticks you may see around your home or yard are sand ticks. Sand ticks don't carry lyme disease, which is really the only thing to worry... Read More »

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Deer tick bite...?

It means your father was bitten by the species of tick that carries lymes disease. Has he removed the tick? Does he know how long the tick was on/into him before he discovered it? Is the red ras... Read More »

Can a tick bite give you HIV?

A tick bite can not give you HIV.

Is this a tick bite What was it?

Actually from what you say it does not sound like a tick. They dig in with their legs and suck blood swelling up enormously. They can be quite difficult to remove without burning them off with a ci... Read More »

Is my tick bite serious or infected?

There's always a concern with tick bites that it may have been one that carries Lyme Disease. You may just be having an allergic reaction to the bite or it may be infected causing cellulitis which ... Read More »