Thyme Leaves Turning Black?

Answer Thyme is a savory herb that produces tiny leaves and flowers on woody stems. The plant is easy to grow, but may occasionally suffer fungal or rot diseases if grown in damp conditions. Remove blacke... Read More »

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My outdoor Bonsai Maple's leaves are turning black, can someone please tell me why?

Can be too much sun or aphids eggs under the leaves.

All my leaves are drying up and falling of the new leaves are turning brown under neath the leaf why?

Answersounds like too much water to me. could be too little water or too much sun as well could be a disease ftyujkilop[][pouyfrdsadfyui0op-iuyresedfhop[poiuy

You have an orange tree Its leaves are turning yellow in the middle of the leaves what can you do to take care of this tree?

Why Are My Geranium Leaves Turning Red?

The plants commonly known by gardeners as geraniums are in fact pelargoniums. There are thousands of varieties grown for their attractive, colorful flowers or aromatic foliage. There are both annua... Read More »