Thunderstorm anxiety?

Answer One of the most common behavioral problems dog owners face, thunderstorm anxiety--or storm phobia--causes dogs to act out or panic in the presence of thunder and lightning.SymptomsSymptoms of thund... Read More »

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Dogs & Thunderstorm Anxiety?

Many dogs suffer from fear and anxiety whenever the weather gets bad. While it may look cute to owners, it really means that their pets are terrified. In addition to the increased stress and unhapp... Read More »

How to cure anxiety without medication (anxiety that is built by nothing)?

I used to have the same issues as you described. It sounds like you suffer from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I would worry and dwell about the dumbest things, and built my mind up with the "... Read More »

Do i have anxiety and what is anxiety?

All the above could be caused by stress, except the hallucinations and they sound a bit worrying. You need to see a Doctor and tell them how you feel. Anxiety, as you probably know, is something ... Read More »

How to Enjoy a Thunderstorm?

Scared of storms, or sick of rain? How about learning to enjoy them? Here is how!