Thumbprint Crafts?

Answer Children are often interested in learning about their bodies, including their fingerprints. Craft projects that involve children turning their thumbprints into different objects can be entertaining... Read More »

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Thumbprint Art Projects?

Making a work of art by using your thumbprint is unique and exclusive. No one else will ever be able to duplicate or copy your work of art. It's fun for any age and connects you with the creative p... Read More »

What is a thumbprint drive?

A thumbprint drive is a flash drive that reads fingerprints. The device is a "biometric fingerprint flash drive." The drive works like a regular flash drive, except it identifies its user based on ... Read More »

How to Make Thumbprint Cookies?

To make “thumbprint” cookies, you literally place a thumbprint into each individual cookie and fill the indentation with jam. The coconut in this recipe gives the cookies a wonderful crunch and... Read More »

Is a thumbprint required to cash a check?

The bank can require your thumbprint to cash a check. There is no law saying that banks cannot have a policy requiring you to put your thumbprint on a check you are cashing. Banks have this policy ... Read More »