Thumb numb?

Answer there is something obviously wrong i just got back from the doctors yesterday i have pinched nerves in my neck and bone spurs... he told me some of his patience come in with numbness in there arms... Read More »

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I was using a pair of scissors an now my thumb is numb?

Yeah that used to happen to Me when I was cutting out bodyshells for radio-controlled cars, it'll pass.

I got hit in the hand with a paintball and my thumb is still numb?

There could be swelling in your hand/wrist that is impinging the nerve. As long as it doesn't interfere with you being able to move your thumb, you could wait a while longer to see whether it will... Read More »

My right thumb is tingling and it feels like it might be going numb what could be going on?

You have a pinched nerve that is numbing up your thumb....may be the beginning of carpal tunnel

The tip of my tongue is quite numb and I haven't had cocaine today. Why do you think it's numb?