Thumb injury Please help!?

Answer hi friend,from your description it may not be a fracture as.Your pain may be due to soft tissue injury or due to a partial dislocation of it is better to have a consultation with a specia... Read More »

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Thumb injury... Please Answer!?

When i sometimes play basketball, sometimes, when i catch the ball the wrong way, the ball presses onto the TIP of my finger and presses it all the way in and it hurts so much. I've hurt 4 fingers ... Read More »

Possible Thumb Injury Help?

You could have bruised a ligament or tendon.

What should I do with my thumb! Help please?

Recovering from fractured thumb help please?

You should wait. If you try to use it too quickly you can tear ligaments and things like that. Take your hand and stretch it as far open as you can and then use your thumb to touch each and every f... Read More »