Throwing up stomach bile after drinkng what?

Answer It sounds like you ingested way too much in too short an interval. The fact that blood came out wasn't a good sign. You may want to talk to a doctor about your experience to make sure everything's ... Read More »

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Why Does My Dog Keep Throwing Up Yellow Bile?

Dogs vomit for many reasons. It can be a sign of illness, stress or overeating. It also may just be regurgitation, which is defined as a passive process. During regurgitation, a dog may just bend h... Read More »

I suffer chronically with Gastritis, recently admitted to hospital due to 3 litres of bile in my stomach?

You don't have a gallbladder and that is what controls the bile in your body. Normally bile isn't a dark green color but it does range from yellow to light green. You don't need to wait until Jun... Read More »

I have stomach pains and im throwing up?

You should probably never eat McDonalds anymore. Its bad for you in the first place and if you have food poisoning its not any better. If it is food poisoning then you just need to throw up until y... Read More »

I woke up throwing up and stomach cramp?

Hi from France ♫Call your doctor and tell him/her about that.. After that you will be reassured..Have a nice dayCat.