Threw out my back - which is better: heat or ice?

Answer Both. Ice cools down an acute flare-up by reducing swelling and strain on aching back muscles. Moist heat, on the other hand, helps reduce muscle spasms.

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I threw my back out, what should I do?

Hey, You should go and see a chiropractor. They know all that there is to know about backs and the spine. Tell your parents to take you to one. They will work wonders for you. You will be feeling l... Read More »

I threw away my camera, how do I get it back?

Um no way if u threw it after the trashguys came... That sucks.

Just threw my back out at work, any good tips...?

Ice first! Before heat. Remember R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Ice or cold compresses will help reduce swelling and thereby pain. Also minimize movement. You should see a doctor. ... Read More »

How to sneak a sidekick threw walk threw school scanners?

Take the battery out and put the battery and ur bag. The battery sets the scanners off. Its too big to hide anywhere on ur body.