Three short beeps when I plug in my scanner?

Answer It would help to know what model scanner u own.Also, did it ever work on this computer? If yes: did XP get any updates since this problem started? Were there any other changes made like new hardw... Read More »

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My PC gives three beeps when I press the start button. 1 short 2 long. Please help me.?

Indicates a video error which means your graphics card, check the sockets. make sure it is properly place in your motherboard. also inspect your motherboard.

What are those three ascending beeps that you always hear on Virgin trains! What do they mean?

Mark B is basically correct. As the train manager could be anywhere on the train, it alerts him or her that their attention is required. This could be for any number of things, including:Contact th... Read More »

Is it safe to plug in three prong appliances into a three prong wall outlet that has no ground to it?

Answer As long as everything is working as designed, nothing will happen, but that third connector is a safety feature to protect you. It is connected to the frame of the appliance and if there is... Read More »

What does it mean when phone beeps?

He/she didn't pick up or is out of the service area or the battery is dead.