Three broken brackets help?

Answer Really you need to tell your orthodontist about it as soon as you can. The longer you leave it, the more damage it could do to your teeth and the angrier your orthodontist will be. I don't think yo... Read More »

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What can I do for three broken toes?

No point on going to a hospital all they do is to tell you to stay off it and theyll tape all your toes together

HYdrocodone: I have three broken vertebra for which my doctor prescribes 2 x 10mg tablets TID asneed for pain.?

Quote from Chas:"Why do people that have no idea bother responding to these question. You want to know about pain meds issues for a spine injury I can help. Forget on-line. Just find a different do... Read More »

Mac users: what are three advantages and three drawbacks of using your platform?

Advantages: 1. OS Stability. Apps may take a dive occasionally, but the system itself is stable.2. UNIX. Since Macs are UNIX machines (even UNIX certified now) you can really manipulate and custo... Read More »

Three Stimulating & Educational Creative Activities for Three-Year Olds?

In planning activities for a three-year-old, you must first think like a child. Children love active, playful, silly activities, but don't need expensive materials or toys. Start by identifying you... Read More »