Three Types of Fossils That Are Not Part of an Organism?

Answer When people think of fossils, they often think of the preserved bones of a dinosaur. However, actual organic fossils do not often last that long due to erosion and other climate factors. As a resul... Read More »

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The Five Types of Fossils?

The term fossil originated from the Latin word fossilis that means "dug up." Any organic remains preserved in part of the Earth's crust are fossils, though the most interest lies in fossils of exti... Read More »

Types of Trace Fossils?

Trace fossils provide evidence of ancient, and more modern, species that have roamed the earth. Trace fossils are simply disturbances left in the soil by a organism as it passes by. Trace fossils a... Read More »

Types of Fossils Found?

Fossils are the remnants of organic material (e.g., animals and plants). Most organic material dissolve over time; however, several different types of fossils have been found. This high variety of ... Read More »

Describe the Types of Fossils?

Along with genetics, fossils are one of the most useful windows we have into the natural history of life on Earth. Essentially, a fossil is a record of an organism, showing and the size, shape and ... Read More »