Three Types of Consumers and Their Diets?

Answer An ecosystem is a biological community consisting of a group of interdependent organisms and the environment in which they live and on which they depend. A living organism's survival requires energ... Read More »

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Types of Consumers in Economics?

The purchasing decisions of consumers vary depending on a variety of factors: income, taste and preferences and personalized needs are just a few. Despite the attempts of the best economists, pinpo... Read More »

What offers a specific set of benefits intended to satisfy a customer's need or want in a specific way such as all the brands and types of ovens for consumers?

Answer Debtors are the ones who owe on the merchandise. They bought it, but borrowed (by a loan, agreement to pay as with a credit card, etc.) to pay for it. They don't generally repossess stuff if... Read More »

Will these greedy companies ever do us consumers right?

This burns me up too. Lots of companies keep upgrading their apps and won;t support the old ones any more. So they don't work on my old model. I don't have the money to keep buying a new one eve... Read More »

Can collection agencies sue consumers?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, collection agencies may sue you to obtain a court-ordered civil judgment against you. A civil judgment gives the collection agency legal rights to collect... Read More »