Three Types of Consumers and Their Diets?

Answer An ecosystem is a biological community consisting of a group of interdependent organisms and the environment in which they live and on which they depend. A living organism's survival requires energ... Read More »

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Three Types of Continental Boundaries & Their Characteristics?

The Earth is comprised of multiple layers: the crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. The outermost portion of the crust is called the lithosphere; the crust underneath that is called the asthen... Read More »

Types of Consumers in Economics?

The purchasing decisions of consumers vary depending on a variety of factors: income, taste and preferences and personalized needs are just a few. Despite the attempts of the best economists, pinpo... Read More »

What can hospitals do to keep consumers from worrying their pretty little heads about items on invoices?

Why would customers need an invoice? Hospitals are big business in America. Everyone knows big businesses only do what is in the best interest of citizens and consumers. They are completely bene... Read More »

What offers a specific set of benefits intended to satisfy a customer's need or want in a specific way such as all the brands and types of ovens for consumers?

Answer Debtors are the ones who owe on the merchandise. They bought it, but borrowed (by a loan, agreement to pay as with a credit card, etc.) to pay for it. They don't generally repossess stuff if... Read More »