Three States That Share a Borderline With Indiana?

Answer Four states border Indiana, the smallest state west of the Appalachian Mountains. Located in the mid-west Great Lakes region, Indiana boasts the 15th highest population in the United States and tou... Read More »

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Do Canada& the United States share driving records?

Yes, Canada and the United States share driving records. In 1990 The Canadian Driver License Compact allowed participating states, provinces and territories to exchange any information on traffic o... Read More »

Will states per capita NOT per stirpes leaving things in a 4 way split one brother dies before mother does niece get deceased brothers share?

There is no time limit on a son-in-law. Your son-in-law is the husband of your daughter and remains so unless and until your daughter is no longer married to him.

How to address borderline behavior?

Living with an individual who has borderline personality disorder can challenge even the most patient parents. The key to a peaceful household depends on how well you understand how he or she ticks... Read More »

Borderline Diabetes---Diet?

Ask your doctor for a diet guideline. You can eat just about anything but have to remember that a good share of what you eat that is not "good" for you is empty nutrition. Follow the Diabetic Pyr... Read More »