Three Significant Surface Features on Mars?

Answer On July 14, 1965, the NASA spacecraft Mariner 4 took the first photographs of Mars. It was the first time in history that people on earth were able to view another planet close up. As research miss... Read More »

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What is the Mars surface like?

Mars has a reddish-orange tint from iron-containing dust and rocks devoid of recognizable life. Its geography includes volcanoes, canyons, valleys, polar ice caps, meteor craters and wind, possibly... Read More »

Is there ice on the surface of mars?

In 2003, California Institute of Technology scientists reported that after studying satellite images that the poles on Mars consist of water-based ice. In 2009, NASA reported that a satellite retur... Read More »

Does Mars have a face on its surface?

While it may look like Mars has "faces" on its surface, these are not alien structures. They are normal geologic formations called mesas that, because of shadows, look like a face from afar, accord... Read More »

What is the temperature on the surface of Mars?

According to NASA, temperatures on the surface of Mars vary from a low of minus 195 degrees Fahrenheit near the poles during the winter to a high of 70 degree at noon near the equator. The average ... Read More »