Three Rules for Writing a Sales Letter?

Answer Sales letters are part of direct marketing advertising, which reaches the audience without the media's intervention. They are different from massively distributed leaflets in that they focus more o... Read More »

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Alabama Sales Tax Rules?

Alabama businesses must pay sales tax on behalf of consumers who purchase tangible personal property in Alabama. Along with other state business taxes, Alabama business owners must file sales tax r... Read More »

Wisconsin Sales Tax Rules?

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue imposes a state sales tax on all transactions for the sale of personal property. In addition, Wisconsin counties and cities impose additional sales taxes on thes... Read More »

NYC Sales Tax Rules on Clothing?

New York City uses state law to calculate sales tax on most items, but there are special conditions for clothing purchases in New York City. Amendments to Tax Law and the Administrative Code ofthe ... Read More »

Tennessee Sales Tax Rules?

Sales and use taxes are a crucial piece of revenue for state and local governments all across the United States. They allow for direct collection of taxable revenue at the point of sale from anyone... Read More »