Three Processes by Which Fossils Are Formed?

Answer Fossils are the preserved remains of animals or plants from ancient times. The study of fossils allows paleontologists to discover what animals or plants were in existence eons ago and to study the... Read More »

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The Kinds of Rocks That Fossils Are Formed In?

Fossils are formed in sedimentary rock which are built from the gradual wearing away of the earth's surface by natural erosion. The soil and sand that slowly accumulates can trap animal skeletons ... Read More »

What Are the Three Processes of Heat Transfer?

Thermodynamics studies how energy behaves in a system. Two basic concepts of thermodynamics are temperature and heat. Temperature is the average kinetic energy of an object, which means how much th... Read More »

Three Types of Fossils That Are Not Part of an Organism?

When people think of fossils, they often think of the preserved bones of a dinosaur. However, actual organic fossils do not often last that long due to erosion and other climate factors. As a resul... Read More »

What Are Three Ways Crystals Are Formed?

In physics and chemistry, the word crystal is used in reference to any solid in which all atoms are arranged in an orderly manner. The surface structure of crystals are symmetrical. The atoms withi... Read More »