Three Methods of Estimating Math Problems?

Answer Elementary school students are required to learn how to estimate math problems mentally and will probably use this skill throughout their middle school and high school careers. There are different ... Read More »

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Do Females Have Problems with Traditional Methods of Learning Math?

In 1992, Mattel unveiled a talking Barbie doll. Among her many phrases, this Barbie proclaimed, "Math class is tough!" Teachers and concerned parents all over America lambasted the company for rein... Read More »

Problems With Estimating Volume?

The education system teaches the concepts of volume as early as fifth grade because it is such an important idea. You can break most objects down into basic geometric shapes to estimate volume. Lea... Read More »

Math Signal Words for Solving Math Problems?

In math, being able to read and understand what a question is asking you to do is just as important as the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students should be int... Read More »

Math & Teaching Methods?

When planning their math instruction, teachers can select from an assortment of potentially-effective methods. To determine with method is best for your math learners, you should consider their str... Read More »