Three Main Types of Simple Machine Screws?

Answer Screws are basically one of the six classes of simple machines alongside levers, pulleys, wheel and axle, and the inclined plane. They perform the function of providing a neat fix to parts of machi... Read More »

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Whats wrong with my simple program! (exception in thread main at greeting 1.main)?

The whole point of this program is to pass the parameters to it at run time. So how are you running the program?If you are running the program from the command line then you should typejava Greeti... Read More »

How to Weld Coins to Screws for Tattoo Machine Vices?

Tattooing machines require certain sized spacers to be inserted depending on the type of tattoo you wish to create. Fine line tattoo spacers are different than shading spacers. Many tattoo artists ... Read More »

How to Prepare Wood for Flat Head Machine Screws?

While most projects involving wood rely upon the use of threaded wood screws that have a pointed tip, there are also projects which require that a flat-head machine screw be used with the wood. Sin... Read More »

Types of Screws & Names?

Screws are a useful choice for fastening items when you need something stronger than nails or glue. Screws are also efficient choices because they can be removed without damaging the building mater... Read More »