Three Facts on Sweet Gum Trees?

Answer Sweetgum or redgum tree is a large, southern shade tree that grows 75 to 150 feet tall. This hardwood tree is second only to oak in production and is a common landscape tree. The bark of the sweetg... Read More »

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Facts on Black or Sweet Birch Trees?

Black birch trees are found in a many areas of the U.S. and have many of the same basic characteristics as other types of birch trees. The black birch grows to heights of around 50 feet and has a b... Read More »

The Water Needs of Sweet Gum Trees?

American pioneers used to peel the bark of the sweetgum tree and scrape a resin-like substance from the wood to make chewing gum. Scientifically known as liquidambar styraciflua, the sweetgum goes ... Read More »

Are sweet olive trees poisonous to dogs?

Sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans) is not on the ASPCA list of plants that are poisonous to dogs. The plant has fragrant flowers and is hardy to USDA zones 8 or 9. A slow-grower, as an outdoor plant,... Read More »

Facts for Kids About Oak Trees?

More than 600 species of oak trees exist throughout the world. Each type of oak has specific distinguishing factors, including leaves of different shapes, barks of various textures and leaves that ... Read More »