Three Factors That Characterize a Simple DC Electric Circuit?

Answer The invention of the battery in 1796 by Alessandro Volta, an Italian scientist, opened the way for the practical use of electricity. Today, it is difficult to imagine a world without electrical equ... Read More »

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What are three factors that can affect the number of images that a camera can store?

One factor can be if the camera has a built in hard drive that you can choose for it save to, and how big it is. I have a camera with a built in one with 30 GB (giga bytes) and has around 5,000 pho... Read More »

What is a natural number that has three or more factors?

The number 30 is a natural number that has three factors. Natural numbers are integers greater than zero. Factors are numbers that, when multiplied, produce a desired product. Since 2 X 3 X 5 = 30,... Read More »

How can you run a US electric dryer that uses 240 volt 60 Hz single phase on a 240 volt 50Hz circuit in Asia?

Unfortunately, this is probably not practical. Though electric clothes dryers are made as wholly 240 volt 50Hz units - for use in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world - all the residential drye... Read More »

Traits That Characterize the Pig As a Mammal?

Pigs are mammals that can be found in the wild, on farms and even as pets in some family homes. These animals share many characteristics with human beings, which are also mammals. The qualities tha... Read More »