Three Attributes of Colors?

Answer Most people go through their day without realizing the impact that colors play in their life. The reality is that colors play a role in almost every aspect of your life, from choosing the clothes y... Read More »

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What three base colors do monitors use to compose all other colors?

Computer monitors display images by mixing various amounts of red, green and blue light together to make all the other colors---hence, the name RGB monitor. All computer monitors are RGB monitors.S... Read More »

Three colors mixed together within the CRT to produce all other colors?

Yes this is true. Red Cyan/GreenBlue

How to Apply Three Colors of Eyeshadow?

Whether you have a three-color eyeshadow palette on hand or just want to learn the principle behind wearing three shades of eye makeup, look no further. The secret to successfully pulling off three... Read More »

Can you name three rooms in the White House named after colors?

Presidents by custom have formally greeted guests in the White House Blue Room. Many presidential families have used the more intimate Green Room as a state parlor. The Red Room is a small room whi... Read More »