Thoughts on Little Chili Lolita Shop?

Answer Their dresses are comparable to most off-brand and lolita replica clothing businesses. I haven't bought from them personally, but my friend owns their purple wa-lolita dress, and it's really not th... Read More »

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What is a good website where i can find little silly random thoughts like this?

i dont know, i just wanted this in my answered Q's queue so i could look at all the websites listed

How to Shop With Little or No Money?

Shopping is fun. Shopping with little to no money doesn't sound fun, but it can be!

How to Audition for Little Shop of Horrors?

Little Shop of Horrors is a very popular High School Musical selection. It is about a plant shop worker that finds a small alien plant, learns it needs blood for food, ends up feeding people to it ... Read More »

Where do midgets (also known as little people) shop for skinny jeans?

Sexy Kids! (tm) It's a shop at the local mall. They make clothes for the wee folk, regardless of age.