Thoughts about this video?

Answer As the video says-------------NICE.

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What are your thoughts about this?

In my case I would check that with my Doctor to see if I could handle that idea, as it could harm my balanced diet, and I wouldn't want to pop pills to make up for something missing.You could consi... Read More »

Thoughts about this b*tch at the dentist office?

Same freakin thing happend with me. I have gingivitus also. They told me I needed to brush and floss. I already brush three times a day, & Floss at least once a day. WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT FROM ME?... Read More »

Could you be so kind as to watch this video of my original song and share your thoughts on it?

I love it!What a lucky guy. The song was really good! Yeah, just to reiterate what Maddie said, the song didn't really have a climax. The tempo was pretty consistent throughout the song, it would h... Read More »

Your thoughts on this article {about baby name laws around the world}?