Thoughts about this video?

Answer As the video says-------------NICE.

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Is my anime video any good Would like your thoughts on it.?

It is very awesome. Keep up the good work. You have a bright future as a youtuber. One day you will become one of those famous youtubers, i bet

What are your thoughts on the Adoptee Rights video?

i love it, and have watched it a gazillion times. First thing in the morning today and last thing i watched at night too hehe. It also gives me goosebumps, is clear simple and to the point. I'm hon... Read More »

Could you be so kind as to watch this video of my original song and share your thoughts on it?

I love it!What a lucky guy. The song was really good! Yeah, just to reiterate what Maddie said, the song didn't really have a climax. The tempo was pretty consistent throughout the song, it would h... Read More »

What are you thoughts on marijuana Are my thoughts correct?

marijuana doesnt fry your brain.Marijuana does not kill brain cells nor does it make them go 'dormant'. Using marijuana can cause temporary impairments in short-term memory and what's called 'execu... Read More »