Thorny Tropical Flowers?

Answer Some tropical flowers will defend themselves with thorns. While they are lovely they are protecting themselves from grazing animals who are attracted by their large lush blooms. This is an importan... Read More »

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Thorny Tropical Plants?

Thorny tropical plants are not a common preference in the average domestic garden, but some people do like to grow them around the entrance to their property as a deterrent against intruders. Some ... Read More »

What thorny shrub is commonly found with yellow flowers?

Red Tropical Flowers?

Whether you are putting together a bouquet, a centerpiece or planning your garden, red tropical flowers make a vivid splash of color. They can be kept isolated on a bed of thick green foliage to br... Read More »

Pink Tropical Flowers?

Pink tropical flowers may evoke images of pristine gardens next to the ocean, under a bright blue sky. Areas of the world that enjoy a year-round warm climate are home to a wide array of vegetation... Read More »